Why AI needs diversity – and fast

It’s easy to assume that the decisions produced by an algorithm would be neutral. By letting an uninvested and objective machine make a decision on which applicant to hire, or who is guilty in a criminal trial, it feels as though there should be a more accurate outcome than by allowing a biased and subjective human to decide. It seems, however, that this is not the case: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is inheriting the biases of its human creators. 

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Voice assistants Alexa and Cortana are now a team

Lara Williams, Editor-at-large Microsoft and Amazon have decided to unite their voice assistants Cortana and Alexa, but what does it mean? And will it actually improve their user experience? Giant tech companies don’t usually join forces. In competition to seem like the best at the latest form of technology, they remain aloof and secretive. Microsoft and Amazon, however, must have finally learned to share and are teaming-up in an unusual…

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Taking UX Connections Abroad!

A look back on our trip in Amsterdam Day 0 At 4PM I left my desk to catch my flight from Heathrow. Meeting with the rest of the team (Chris, Claire, Hayley & Liza) on the way there, our excitement slowly built up as we moved from station to station on the underground tube. Arriving at the airport we quickly passed all our checks, had a meal and began the…

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