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12 Best UX Design Blogs (2022)

We know that you have been wading through pages of search results, eager to find UX blogs with high-quality, insightful articles. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. 

Here are the 12 best UX blogs online. These blogs provide readers with exciting content that would definitely interest you, just as our blog does!

Nielsen Normen Group

Looking for professional UX guidelines and methods? Nielsen Normen Group (NN/g) is the right place for you. As a research and consulting firm, NN/g has established its authority in the UX industry. They provide in-depth and practical UX articles and also research reports on the website. A highlight is their ‘study guide’, which collects articles and videos of the same topics under one page, making the website almost a mini UX database!

UX Design Blog

UX Matters

The articles of UX Matters are written by experienced UX practitioners. Writing as columnists, these professionals cover all different topics of user experience – design, research, business, code, strategy, process, reviews, experiences. Beginners can also gain a sense of career direction from the career-focused articles written by senior UX specialists.

UX Design

UX Collective

Followed by nearly 450k readers on Medium, UX Collective is a widely popular blog in the UX community. If you would like to have a read of user experience every day, this is a nice choice as you could expect on average 1 to 2 posts each day from UX Collective. The content mainly focuses on UX but also visual and product design.

UX Design World

UX Design World offers different lengths of reading. If you prefer something snappy that could be finished  in 30 seconds when you are waiting in a queue, ‘Tips’ is a section that you could pay extra attention to. Each tip comes with a comparison image and a few lines of reasoning why you should or shouldn’t design in a certain way. If you enjoy long and thorough analysis, there are also other articles that would be your cup of tea.

UX Planet

Readers of UX Planet come across various topics and formats of content on the blog. There are UX, UI, product design, case studies and many more. For people who would like to look at how other designers approach problems and further challenge their own processes, don’t miss the case studies from UX Planet.


The articles from Prototypr.io revolve around accessibility, UX design and UI design but their interview series is worth reading especially when you are keen on hearing and learning from other designers’ stories. The designers interviewed come from different backgrounds, some of whom have published their own books and some of whom started their agency and business in NFT.

UX Magazine

Having a history spanning over 20 years, UX Magazine has continued to bring industry leaders’ user experience insights to the public. Their content pillars include strategy, persona, usability, research methods accessibility, interaction design, and so on, where subtopics such as neurology and psychology are scattered. 

UX Movement

Add UX Movement to your list if recommended practices and techniques of UX design are what interest you in particular. Many tips on navigation, buttons and wireframes are illustrated with real examples, including the design of Apple’s MacOS.