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5 great books for the new UX-er

We’re big readers here at UX Connections. You may have noticed from our twitter feed that we’re constantly sharing snippets of information, discussion and insight from around the online UX community. However, sometimes, nothing beats a good old fashioned paperback! So, Tom has decided to share 5 of his favourite books which have helped shape his approach to design and user experience.

  About Face 3, Alan Cooper   About Face  3 By Alan Cooper Although now almost 10 years old, About Face 3 still holds a great deal of relevance and a well-deserved space on my bookshelf. This book has one of the best outlines of the UX research process i’ve read, and is still one I refer back to when I’m starting a new user insight project, creating personas or studying user behaviour. If you really want to learn how to harvest good-quality information from your users, this is the book to read.   Creative Confidence, Tom Kelley   Creative Confidence By David and Tom Kelley From the founders and creative genius’ behind IDEO and Stanford’s D.School is Creative Confidence, a book which really inspires you to take action. Based around real stories from Tom and David’s impressive career, this book acts as a set of guidelines for unleashing that creative potential we all have somewhere within us. I challenge you to read this and not change the way you think, express ideas and collaborate within your organisation.   Microinteractions, Dan Saffer   Microinteractions: Designing With Details By Dan Saffer It’s the tiny little details which are the holy grail of any self-respecting UX designer. Great interactions, put simply, make great products. This book Microinteractions: Designing With Detail, helps you to think of a product as a series of microinteractions which can be perfected; a really refreshing mindset to approach your UX project with.   UX Design Process & Documentation, UXPIN   The Guide to UX Design Process & Documentation By UXPIN The very first book I read when I took the leap from product design to UX, The Guide To UX Design Process & Documentation starts from the very beginning and really clearly outlines the basics, and is the book I would recommend as a starting point for anyone pursuing a career in UX. In fact, all of the UXPIN books (free to download online) are great! They’re concise, to the point and understandable — perfect for those who, like me, require a short read for the morning commute.   Web Form Design, Luke Wroblewski   Web Form Design By Luke Wroblewski I could have included any of Luke’s books in this list. The way Luke Wroblewski can write about usability is mesmerising, how he can take a such a specific subject (Such as Web Form Design) and write a genuinely interesting, detailed and engaging book which holds your attention with real examples and best practice advice is genius. His blog is also regularly updated, insightful and well recommended.   By Tom Adcock, User Experience Consultant What is on your reading list? Tweet us @uxconnections!

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