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8 Innovative Augmented Reality Features For Fashion And Beauty Shoppers

Siim Pettai

Siim Pettai, Writer

Augmented reality (AR) has become a powerful tool for retailers. The technology can be used by brands to boost sales and enhance the shopping experience for customers.

The emergence of the technology also means consumers are becoming more demanding. In fact, nearly 75% of consumers already expect retailers to offer some kind of an AR experience.

Thus, AR can also be used by brands to stand out from the competition. Below are 8 innovative augmented reality features for fashion and beauty shoppers:

Bollé Launches AR Sunglass Try-On Experience On Instagram

Eyewear brand Bollé uses augmented reality to let Instagram users try on its new pair of Phantom sunglasses. To activate the experience, smartphone users have to visit a link on the company’s Instagram page.

The activation allows users to see how the sunglasses look on them, as well as check what it’s like to view the world through the glasses. Users who like the sunglasses will be directed to a page to check for retailers that sell Bollé products.

Burberry Partners With Google On AR Shopping Experience

Luxury brand Burberry has launched an AR shopping experience that is activated via Google search engine.

Mobile shoppers who search for Burberry’s products on Google will see an AR version of the product embedded in the environment around them. For example, consumers who search for Burberry’s Arthur Vintage Check sneaker will see a digital version of the product inside their room. This allows shoppers to get a better grasp of the product.

Pinterest Launches Shoppable AR Makeup Try-Ons

Image sharing platform Pinterest introduced an augmented reality feature for its shoppable pins. The feature allows users to try on different shades of lipstick.  Users simply have to tap on the Lens camera icon in search, then click “try on” to see virtual product shades. In case users like the product, they can swipe up to be directed to the retailer’s website.

The feature is used by global brands such as Estée Lauder and Sephora.

WANNABY Launches AR Sneaker Try-On App

Start-up WANNABY has launched an augmented reality app Wanna Kicks to let consumers virtually try on sneakers.

The app combines 3D geometry algorithms with neural networks to determine a shoe’s position in space. Sneakerheads can use the app to try on new drops from a variety of companies, including Adidas, New Balance, Puma and Under Armour.

The app aims to help shoppers find the right pair of sneakers. Yet, there are also benefits for retailers. Shoppers trying on sneakers before purchasing them means they are less likely to return them. This allows online retailers who offer free returns to save on shipping costs.

ASOS’ AR Shopping Tool

Online retailer ASOS has launched an AR shopping tool to allow consumers to better browse products. The tool is integrated into the retailer’s product page. Shoppers can use the feature to see how thousands of different products look on virtual models.

According to ASOS, the initiative is also a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as it is currently not working with models in its studios.

Gucci Launches AR Shoe Try-On Experience On Snapchat

Luxury brand Gucci invites Snapchat users to virtually try on shoes before purchasing them. The experience lets users try on five different shoe models by Gucci. These include the Gucci Ace, Gucci Rhyton, Gucci Tennis 1977 and Gucci Screener. Users who like the shoes can press “shop now” directly in the app.

The initiative also marks the first global shoe try-on experience for Snapchat.

Adidas’ AR Experience Takes Shoppers To A Virtual Ocean

Athleticwear brand adidas has partnered with eyecandylab to create an augmented reality experience in its Paris flagship store. The experience shows how adidas takes plastic waste from the ocean and turns it into shoes. It was launched by adidas as part of an introduction to its sustainable shopping area.

To activate the experience, in-store visitors have to download the adidas mobile app. Then, shoppers can point their smartphone cameras at digital screens installed around the store. A virtual ocean will then pop up in which a giant whale swims around and collects plastic floating in the ocean. After collecting the waste, users can see how adidas converts plastic particles into a shoe collection.

Zara Replaces Physical Mannequins With AR

Spanish fashion retailer Zara has replaced in-store mannequins with augmented reality. This means for one week, smartphone users could use their devices to see virtual mannequins walking around in 120 Zara stores around the globe.

As part of the initiative, Zara also cleared its window displays, so those who pass by could scan to see the virtual mannequins.

The retailer experimented with the activation to see whether consumers would like to see how products fit on a moving figure. Users who like what the mannequins wear can shop the look in the Zara mobile app.

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