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UX Connections: Your UX Partner

UX Connections was founded in 2013 in London by Chris Sainsbury. Since then, the consultancy has grown to around 20 people and has expanded to hold strategically located offices in Gothenburg, New York and Sydney.

UX Connections prides itself on knowledge and experience of all things UX and has sought to apply this across different local contexts.

Founded and run by experienced researchers and designers, our UX consultants understand the ins and outs of UX in a way few other companies do. Our core areas of expertise include UX Design, User Research, Service Design, UI Design and Product Innovation.

We’re big believers in the idea that learning never stops – every job we’ve ever done has added to our collective knowledge pool, which we call on every day.

UX Connections puts people first. We know a UX project is only as good as the professionals working on it – so we spend time making sure the right people are assigned to the right tasks. We’re proud to boast a tightly-knit team of researchers, UX designers and UI designers who know how to get the best out of each other – and a project. We have a simple, flexible, scalable agency model which reduces admin and ensures that we can react to any changes quickly.

Chris Sainsbury, Founder of UX Connections

Founders Vision

Chris’s goal was to create something larger than himself, a community of like-minded creatives who share the desire to work on the best brands and create digital experiences that users love. This goal has manifested in the form of a user experience agency called UX Connections.

The company foundations rested on Chris working freelance for two client projects which were Ladbrokes and Shell. These projects snowballed into further projects with Jaguar Landrover and News UK.

In-line with the large volume of work, Chris hired his first UX Consultant to work alongside him. The company has continued to expand in this way.

Chris has a distinctive vision when it comes to the nature of the UX community he is building. He sees people and partnerships as being at the heart of his enterprise. In the context of UX Connections, this has a dual meaning: putting his employees first within the agency and putting the customers first for his client partners.

He is willing to go to great lengths to ensure that this vision is maintained and to enable his employees to produce the best work that they can for a variety of different clients. Chris believes in tailoring his management approach to the individual and ensuring the conditions are right for them to do the best work they can.

“My vision is an independent team of distributed consultants, taking responsibility and delivering for their clients. I want my team to be able to work independently, not nagged by me. To create the best UX/UI deliverables that they possibly can.”

UX Connections Team

Our Company Values

UX Connections Team
UX Connections Team
UX Connections Team
UX Connections Team