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Apple Announce Entry to AR and VR Market

Kenton Reynolds

Kenton Reynolds, Writer

This Spring we can expect the unveiling of Apple’s first product in the AR/VR market that has been seven years in the making.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, the new device will aim to recreate the classic IOS interface in a 3D context with both AR and VR capabilities. They will use market leading eye and hand tracking functions to create the most immersive experience available to consumers with external cameras attached to the headset to follow hand movement as well as internal cameras for eye tracking. This means that apps, buttons and other items can be selected by looking at them before activating with a pinch of the fingers; all this with just a headset and no handheld peripheral devices. 

The headset will contain apps you are used to including Safari, Photos, App Store and other stalwarts of Apple devices. Furthermore, it will be able to act as an external 3D display for Macs and Macbooks. The content can be viewed in a fully immersive virtual reality that closes out the rest of the world or an augmented reality that fades some of the background into the display to allow for awareness of external surroundings. This will also be required as use of devices like iPhones and iPads whilst wearing the headset increases useability as you can operate the headset’s keyboard with your handhelds. Immersive video from Apple Inc. partners is expected to follow soon after the release from the likes of Disney and Dolby.

The first headset will be constructed from glass, aluminium and cushions. Consumers are safe in expecting the classic smooth, minimalist design that has become synonymous with Apple. The battery pack for the headset will be able to operate for about two hours being about six inches tall and a half inch thick. Storing a relatively high powered battery inside metal and glass which is worn presents the risk of overheating which Apple has addressed by using an external battery instead which will sit in the user’s pocket with connecting wires as well as adding a cooling fan.

Hopefully dropping this Spring, we can expect a price tag of around $3000 which massively outweighs all competitors and doubles that of the alternative offerings of market leaders Meta. With over 1000 people working on the device and seven years of development already taken place, hopes are set high for Apple Inc’s newest line of products.

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