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BT Skills for Tomorrow Interview Featuring Chris Sainsbury

London – 18 February 2022. Chris Sainsbury, the founder and managing director of UX Connections, is featured in the latest interview of Skills for Tomorrow from BT, talking about customer journey with an eye to providing practical advice and helping businesses from a UX perspective.

Skills for Tomorrow is a platform of BT that offers free courses to people who look to enhance their digital capability. It aims to assist in all aspects of life, from home life to work life. Children are able to learn through games and activities whilst business owners can find resources that disclose the secrets of launching and promoting a business. 

Chris shares in the interview how user experience can help to build lasting relationships with customers. As a UX professional, he understands the importance of great user experience and knows exactly what elements are required to achieve it. Chris breaks down customer journey into 5 steps, which are Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, In Life and Advocacy, and offers expert tips to each stage. He encourages entrepreneurs to give some thoughts to the tips he emphasised in the interview; after all, happy customers are key to successful business. Watch it below!

What’s more, a LinkedIn Live Interview is scheduled on 29th March, in which Chris will answer questions and interact with the audience in real time. Please stay tuned for the interview on BT Skills for Tomorrow and tune in to the live event on LinkedIn. Don’t hesitate to raise your hand if you have any questions for Chris that are related to customer journey and user experience!

BT Skills for Tomorrow UX Connections

Chris suggested that it was really a pleasure for him to share insights of user experience through BT Skills for Tomorrow with the public. It has always been in his mind to help people ‘do UX right’, which is at the same time the manifesto of UX Connections. The raison d’être of Skills for Tomorrow corresponds to the belief of UX Connections and to what Chris and the consultants at UX Connections have been doing day to day. Please visit to learn more about the team of UX Connections.

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