Coin Rivet // Crypto Wallet

The Challenge

Coin Rivet was looking to build a platform for cryptocurrency exchange, where users could fund their gaming accounts by creating a crypto wallet. UX Connections was brought in to ensure an integrated user experience which would lead to product success.

The product had to be simple, secure and easy-to-use as cryptocurrency could seem intimidating to the public, and the goal was to convince users that with Coin Rivet, it would be straightforward and effective.

The Solution

We joined the project at an early stage. Therefore, the whole design process included: discovery, minimum viable product definition, feature definition, wireframing and UI guide creation.

By creating a feature matrix, we laid the foundation of the product. We then held in-depth stakeholder interviews to refine backlog features. Lastly, an annotated B&W wireframe and visual guide were created to handover to developers.


Our consultants conducted a competitor review, comparing the content on Coin Rivet with that on others. Combining the findings with Coin Rivet’s USPs and the key user requirements, we categorised the elements for dashboards into ‘must have’, ‘could have’, ‘nice to have’ and ‘avoid’.

We also put together moodboards of different focuses. On the basis of those, our team created the user flow and wireframes as well as light UI.


Similar to the Dashboard process, a competitor review was performed. The difference lay in that for Navigation, our consultants decided to focus on certain competitors – Revolut, Coinbase and Binance. It helped making the decisions of function displaying, including combining or separating the functions of Dashboard, Portfolio and Transaction.

To make the design intuitive, an exploration of iconography was conducted before creating a UI guide.

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