Hotel Product UX

Hoist Group // Hotel Management Platform

The Challenge

Hoist Group is the EMEA market leader in the provision of hospitality technology products and services, delivering for over 8,000 multi-property groups, small and large hotels, B&B’s, and various other hospitality businesses.

UX Connections supported Hoist on their industry-leading ‘HotSoft 360’ cloud-based initiative, combining their existing Property Management System, booking engine, rate manager and back-office management platform into one scalable cloud solution.

The Solution

Our aim was to completely re-design the platform, ensuring a deep understanding of their customers; employing the latest research, insight, and technology to deliver a best-in-class & integrated user experience.

We assisted with the development of audience understanding by carrying out in-depth user research with hotel employees. We sought to understand the mentalities of different user groupings in order to inform the design of the property management platform across different devices e.g. on mobile and tablet. Following the research, the raw behavioural data was analysed and 5 key persona posters were created.

Hotel UX

User Personas

We aggregated related behavioural variables to create 5 key persona posters. These highlighted the key attributes of different audience types and provided a tool to facilitate opportunity identification. 

This process then facilitated the creation of optimised routes around the product for the different audience groups in order to achieve seamless journeys around the product.

Feature Prioritisation

We created a feature matrix for the product, which documented all of the potential functionality, prioritised features and involved consideration of the development weighting for each feature.

Following on from this, detailed design documentation for the product was created in the form of high-fidelity wireframes.

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