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Multiplex // Document Management System

The Challenge

Create a document management system reflecting the Multiplex’s construction process.

Multiplex is a premier global construction company specialising in large scale developments and iconic skyline projects. They have experienced rapid growth and were looking for support in maintaining document management and company standards throughout the organisation. UX Connections designed a document management system that would integrate into Multiplex’s intranet.

With a larger workforce, there have been growing obstacles of maintaining company principles, training and regulations across the organisation, also known as the Multiplex Way. One crucial part of maintaining the Multiplex Way is document control. The sharing, editing, and managing of hundreds of different forms and regulatory documents keep the construction process operating properly, it also assists in efficient resource management.

The Solution

Prototype concepts and interview stakeholders to understand their needs.

To better understand this challenge we setup several discovery sessions with the Multiplex product team to capture key requirements and familiarise ourselves with their intranet on SharePoint. This is where the document control system would live. Our goal at this stage was to design a phase one product that would align the documents from different departments following steps of the construction process, from pitching for a project to completing and maintaining a property.

After the discovery sessions, we formed several planning documents to continue the project. A spreadsheet with stakeholders (departments heads and on-site managers) that we could interview, and a feature matrix outlining core features for the first phase.

Document Management UX

Stakeholder Interviews

The interviews were split into two stages. First, we spoke to Multiplex stakeholders in an interview form to discuss their challenges with document control, and job roles. We also presented our wireframes to discuss the types of functionality they were seeking.

We revisited these stakeholders for the second stage and asked them to test our clickable prototype, so we could iterate the designs further and let them further express any thoughts they had on the project.


Our consultants delivered a presentation of the interview and usability test findings, providing full transcriptions and key highlights from each stakeholder. With the data and insight, we finalised our design concepts and prototype and then applied a UI treatment.

Our HTML/CSS consultant supported us by translating our designs into code that could be used by Multiplex’s IT team and plugged into their SharePoint intranet seamlessly. This build now serves as the first step towards Multiplex’s document management system.

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