Qatar World Cup 2022 // Audience Research

The Challenge

We conducted an audience research study to inform creative decisions for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup. Working with the Qatar Tourism organisation to create the visitor experience outside the football events. Their goal was to create an exciting environment during the World Cup and create a legacy for future visitors.

We used targeted Facebook campaigns to recruit participants from all over the world, but specifically targetting the UK, Europe, Middle East, South Asia and the Americas. The goal was to explore the motivations, hopes and fears of World Cup visitors, to fully understand what they’re looking for.

The Solution

We successfully conducted 21 interviews and analysed the findings into 2 visitor experience maps alongside key research findings documentation.

We used our notes and interview transcripts to uncover themes and a list of observations about World Cup visitors’ behaviours. This could then be used to help guide decisions on what would be useful attractions to guests of the event.

I really enjoyed speaking to all participants, and listening to their enthusiasm and passion for football and the community it creates. Speaking to customers directly enables us to truly understand their needs and gain valuable insights.

Zohrane Dyer, UX Consultant

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