Sainsbury's Delivery Scheduling & Routing System


Sainsbury's // Delivery Scheduling & Routing System

The Challenge

The four systems that Sainsbury’s used to manage their delivery services for Home Delivery and Click & Collect orders were between 15-20 years old and were unable to keep up with the surge in demand during Covid. The PSR team (planning scheduling routing) tried to prolong the lives of the systems by applying band-aid fixes but it was unfeasible when more problems arose.

We had a short timeline for this project. In addition, there was a lack of knowledge base and direction when the understanding of how the systems worked differed within the PSR team. This complicated the process of acquainting our consultant with the systems before kicking off the design phase.

The Solution

We went in to upgrade the outdated UX of Sainsbury’s PSR systems. Through user interviews and user demo sessions, our consultant gained an understanding of the user needs and gathered user requirements.

After the discovery and user interviewing stage, wireframes were produced and underwent usability testing. With a few rounds of iteration, we finalised the wireframes that met both the user needs and business objectives. The new system improved how the PSR team manage and optimise delivery services for customers.

Sainsbury's UX

User Testing

In-depth user interviews were conducted to understand the frustrations the PSR team faced with the old systems and processes. Through the sessions, we collected feedback that fed into our solutions to address the pain points and the wireframes that improve the systems.

We also arranged demonstrations of the then-in-use systems to assist in understanding use cases and interactions between systems.

Wireframe Annotation Pack

In addition to 46 wireframes which outline the functionality of the new system and user journeys,
we delivered a wireframe annotation pack.

A screen-by-screen description of the wireframes was provided to outline the intention and priority of the components as well as cross-site links. This pack could be referenced when building and expanding the system.

One of the first projects I worked on during the COVID lockdown. It was an intense transition to new collaboration styles and designing for unpredictable problems. Working with the PSR team at Sainsbury’s was a pleasure and we strived hard to improve their online shopping systems to meet the rushing need for food & groceries during COVID.

Ali Hamra, UX Consultant

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