Sprift // Property Data Platform

The Challenge

Sprift is a property data platform for people in the real estate sector, such as agents, developers and landlords. They collect data sources from the Internet and collate them into a dashboard so that users don’t have to spend time doing manual research.

To make sure users are able to access property information efficiently, UX Connections worked to improve the UX on two levels – short-term adjustments as well as blue-sky ideas.

The Solution

First, we identified the priority areas on the site which held greater user benefit. Our consultants improved the platforms’ look and usability by making small adjustments to those targeted areas, such as the navigation.

Furthermore, we aimed to explore the ways to facilitate personalisation. In short, the idea was to incorporate AI and other data models into the platform.


We upgraded the navigation to make it intuitive, consistent and comprehensible for all. The process included: information architecture, stakeholder workshops and wireframing.

Our consultant conducted an analysis of the site’s information architecture and discussed the recommendations with the key stakeholders. We provided multiple design options and highlighted one as the optimal solution.


Based on our understanding of user journeys and users’ needs, we focused on three redesigning areas: dashboards, workflow and report creation.

Individual property dashboards and map visualisations were redesigned to display the range of data available. Workflow was improved to allow saving, as well as being able to track properties of interest on a kanban board. The function of creating custom-branded reports was also made feasible.

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