US Integrity // Website Redesign

The Challenge

US Integrity identified suspicious behaviour by analysing the changes in betting data against a benchmark of usual betting activity in order to keep sporting competition fair and transparent. They were looking to redesign the user experience of their website and mobile platform so that it was an easier, smoother experience.

The key areas of improvement were around ease of use, accessibility and engagement. They wanted to ensure the user is confident that they will be notified of integrity flags as they happen, and offer them flexibility to access data and reports wherever they are. As their offering focuses on information exchange, they wanted this process to be as intuitive and simple as possible, so they reached out to UX Connections to make that happen.

The Solution

We began by speaking to users to understand the end-to-end customer journeys. After this, and an in-depth understanding of business priorities, a detailed UX Audit was completed to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the existing platform.

We then developed documents such as sitemaps, navigation documentation and user journeys, which were then used to produce highly detailed wireframes for multiple pages, including the dashboard, reports and event pages. Emphasis was placed on filtering and translating information on easy-to-understand graphs that were user friendly and intuitive, making complex data digestible. Finally, a new UI design was implemented, and extended across the full site.

This was a team who came in, took the bull by the horns, and put their own stamp on the design

Scott Sadin, COO at US Integrity

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