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Casio X Pacman: Time for Some Nostalgia

Dario Tameu

Dario Tameu, Writer

Casio announces the collaboration with Pac-Man for the new A100WEPC model, a tribute to the vintage charm of the 80s.

Casio Computer Co teams up with Pac-Man and announces the new A100WEPC: a digital watch model based on the recent re-edition of the historic F-100i Casio, launched on the market in 1978, revised and reinterpreted with the iconic characters of Pac-Man, the arcade game first released in 1980 by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

The outcome is a beautiful piece of nostalgia that takes you back in time every second you wear it, to put on the wrist with pride recalling the technological charm of the past.

On a technical level, the watch is water resistant and is equipped with alarm, time signal, calendar functions and includes an LED light. It has a dimension of 40.7 x 32.7 x 9.2 mm and a weight of 53 grams.

On the dial, the pixelated characters of Pac-Man stand out, while the central Illuminator logo is rendered using the video game font. The design of the dial faithfully replicates the Pac-Man game screen, down to the smallest details, such as the pink line that marks the exit of the nest from which the various ghosts emerge.

Furthermore, the watch case is gold-plated, with four front buttons that further accentuate the retro look. There is also room for nostalgia on the black strap, where the game level ideally continues with entirely gold lines, and also on the back of the case, where a laser engraving stands out showing the Casio logo at the top, that of the game in plain sight in the centre, Pac-Man and the cheerful ghost brigade just below, and once again the replica of a level all around.

Casio and Pacman, an iconic combination that will generate countless flashbacks and emotions as soon as you wear the watch. The A100WEPC will be available from August on Casio’s online store.

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