Robots at Home: Smart Homes

In this series we are taking a look at the state of domestic robots and how close we are to robots being a common feature of the home. In our final piece of this collection, we look at how we can tie all of the different gadgets from around the house together in the Smart Home.

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Tackling Climate Change using AI

Recently, Berkley University has launched a new initiative that aims to bridge the gap between artificial intelligence and climate related fields, as Students at Berkley have discovered a large gap in the application of AI technology within the field of climate change. In fact, students have realised that less than 1% of publications at prestigious AI conferences mention ‘climate’ at all, which seems a real shame given the potential insight…

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Can a Robot Take Your Job?

As the world continues to witness a quantum leap in artificial intelligence technology—will our jobs be safe from automatization in the future? New research by EPFL answers the much-debated question.

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Emotionally Intelligent AI

The ability and inability to comprehend emotions have been a key distinction between humans and artificial intelligence for long—but a recent discovery by Japanese researchers might change that.

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Future in Films: Iron Man

In the Future in Films series, we will focus on the tech we see in popular films and whether this is available in the real world. Our first instalment will put Iron Man in the spotlight as we look at Tony Stark’s impressive array of high-tech assistants that aid him in running his uber successful weapons business, Stark Industries.

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Recognizing Algorithmic Biases

Transparency, accountability, and reliability are the virtues of trustworthy AI. By keeping inclusivity and equity as the cornerstones of the development of AI standards, organizations can address implicit biases of algorithms.

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