Uber's self driving prototype (Image source : Wikimedia Commons)

How safe should we expect self-driving cars to be?

Conrad Duncan, Journalist Are automated and autonomous automobiles ready to be trusted? The safety of self-driving cars is back in the spotlight after two recent accidents with Uber and Tesla vehicles. In the first instance, Elaine Herzberg became the first known pedestrian to be killed by an ‘autonomous vehicle’ when she was struck by an Uber Volvo XC90 on March 18. In the second, an investigation into a Tesla Model…

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Automated Vehicles and Public Perception

Lara Williams, Editor-at-large It’s becoming increasingly obvious that very soon fully-automated vehicles will be hitting the UK’s roads, but will other drivers and pedestrians accept them? Driverless vehicles will be the biggest change to transport since we switched from horse & cart to motorised cars. With this disruption comes problems, not only in getting the technology right, but in how we accept them into our daily lives. Will we trust…

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