Future Trends and Innovation in the Automotive Industry

In our latest Automotive Worldwide Series, we have discussed in depth the UX in automotive and have had a bird’s eye view of the industry in certain booming cities. (Check those articles out if you haven’t!) Now it’s time for us to turn our heads fully forward and look ahead to the future. There are trends that have been lurking around and we believe are about to change the landscape…

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As AI Grows, So Must Our Code of Ethics

Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping businesses and society as we know them. Caught up in a paradigm of rapid adoption and scaling, are ethical considerations taking a backseat in this race for digital superiority? In June 2022, Google engineer Blake Lemoine was sacked by the tech giant for claiming that its transformer-based neural model LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) was sentient. Since June, Lemoine has raised numerous…

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Worldwide Automotive: Motor Shows

If you are a car enthusiast, there are probably a few days that you mark in your calendar for motor shows. Since, for people who are passionate about cars, motor shows are experiential events where they can witness the debut of new models, eye the out-of-reach concept cars and even rare classics. Do not worry if you are new to the community and don’t know where to start. We will…

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Worldwide Automotive: The Changes In The In-Car Experience

In the same way smartphones are almost unrecognisable from their predecessors 20 years ago, car interiors have also undergone a similarly seismic shift over the same period. To the point where the only commonalities are a seat, pedals, and a steering wheel, and even these could be on the chopping block soon with the advent of autonomous cars. The images below show a Mercedes S class in 2002, considered by…

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Worldwide Automotive: The Ownership Experience

In the last decade we have seen a change in the way we use and interact with transportation. Ride sharing services, such as Uber and Bolt, have become more common in the modern, digital world. However, digitalisation is not the only driver of change. Sustainability also plays a major role in the changes we see. More and more people decide to not own cars of their own because of the…

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Australian Automotive: Incredible Innovations

In the late naughties,  the electrification of the automotive industry reinvigorated a movement in Australia. With their huge supply of lithium, it seemed obvious that the nation would begin shifting focus to electric vehicle production. This, in turn, encouraged a steady increase of automotive businesses and startups all across the country. This article will look at how automotive technology startups have been working to define a new age in the…

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Worldwide Automotive: The E-Commerce Experience

The creation and advancement of the internet has completely changed the buying process in most industries, even automotive. Since we’re in the middle of our Worldwide Automotive campaign, we thought we would take a look at these adaptations, comparing and contrasting the different e-commerce experiences of car buying and selling websites. The user experience of these sites is an integral part of their success, as the user has to be…

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Automotive Dealerships: The User Experience

The way in which customers are buying vehicles is changing, with consumers now, more than ever, moving away from the traditional dealership model. All the way back in 2015 an accenture survey found that 75% of drivers polled would consider conducting the entire car-buying process online. You only need to look at the astronomic growth of heycar, cinch etc.. to see that the industry is heading in that direction.  A…

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Worldwide Automotive: Inside The Gothenburg Automotive Industry

For years, Volvo and Gothenburg have been inseparable – when we speak of one, the other comes into mind naturally. However, the automotive industry at Gothenburg is not a one-man show. Gothenburg is home to many other companies in the supply chain too. In this article, we are going to look at three standouts: Smart Eye, Lynk+Co and CEVT. Smart Eye Smart Eye is a technology company of human insight…

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Uber's self driving prototype (Image source : Wikimedia Commons)

How safe should we expect self-driving cars to be?

Conrad Duncan, Journalist Are automated and autonomous automobiles ready to be trusted? The safety of self-driving cars is back in the spotlight after two recent accidents with Uber and Tesla vehicles. In the first instance, Elaine Herzberg became the first known pedestrian to be killed by an ‘autonomous vehicle’ when she was struck by an Uber Volvo XC90 on March 18. In the second, an investigation into a Tesla Model…

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automated vehicles harry

Automated Vehicles and Public Perception

Lara Williams, Editor-at-large It’s becoming increasingly obvious that very soon fully-automated vehicles will be hitting the UK’s roads, but will other drivers and pedestrians accept them? Driverless vehicles will be the biggest change to transport since we switched from horse & cart to motorised cars. With this disruption comes problems, not only in getting the technology right, but in how we accept them into our daily lives. Will we trust…

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