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Sydney’s rainiest year to date – UX Connection’s commitment to limiting consultant’s contribution to global warming

How UX Connections is limiting consultant’s contribution to global warming With Sydney on track to break its annual rainfall record, and record breaking heat-waves in the northern hemisphere, we are continuing to experience the catastrophic effects of climate change. At UX Connections AU, we are committed to being mindful of our impact on the environment and encouraging conversation around our environmental responsibilities.  We spoke with some of our UX consultants…

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Environmental Responsibility of UX Designers

The Environmental Responsibility Of UX Consultants

As we have chosen to support a sustainability-focused charity this quarter, we wanted to dig a bit deeper in how sustainability and UX can work together. Thus, we had a chat with some of our UX consultants about how sustainability and tech intertwine, discussing how to be sustainable as a UX designer, and some personal tips on things one can do as an individual. How can tech help with sustainability?…

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solar tiles tesla

Will Tesla spark a solar power boom?

Lara Williams, Editor-at-large Tesla’s new solar panels are set to hit the UK in 2018, but can they reinvigorate a waning industry? Over the past few years, the demand in the US for residential solar power installations has been waning. Plummeting electricity prices and utility companies pushing back against those wanting to go ‘off-grid’ have slowed growth down from 63% from 2013-2015, to a mere 16% in 2016. Meanwhile in…

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