3 Female Leader in Tech UK

Three Female Leaders Changing the UK Tech Industry

As part of our Women in Tech campaign, we’d like to highlight the female leaders in the industry who are changing the game and also the world. This article includes three mentions coming from our UK office, but feel free to head over to our US, Australian and Swedish editions to read more stories from women of different backgrounds! Anna Boden (source: Anne Boden/Starling Bank via https://www.altfi.com/article/8487_starling-is-not-for-sale-says-anne-boden-in-new-chapter-of-her-book) Founder of Starling,…

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The Female Lead: The Women Behind Swedish Tech

To end our Swedish Design Series on a high, we thought we’d champion some of the most successful women working in the Swedish tech industry. Not all women mentioned are Swedish-born, but they are helping Sweden become a world-leader in tech. Though not all are design-based, we appreciate that all women mentioned in this list are business-minded, innovation-led and tech-driven, which would explain why they’re all excelling in their field.…

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The Magic of a Unicorn: How Sweden’s Fintech Industry is Taking Over the World

Sweden is one of the world’s leading forces in the fintech industry. Due to their quick adaption of the new financial technologies, it might soon become the first cashless economy in the world! The capital city of Stockholm is known for the various Unicorns that have been built up within the city borders. A Unicorn, in this context, is a start-up that went through scale-up and eventually grew into a…

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What is Fintech?

Connor James Ibbetson, Journalist You’ve heard the term tossed around recently in the media, but what is FinTech? FinTech is in your phone, on your laptop, in your wallet. FinTech is the budding industry aiming to take the banking world head on to change the game for both consumer and corporate. FinTech simply means Financial Technology, and is being pioneered by small firms around the world, who are able to…

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