Over the last few months, an incredibly intelligent AI called ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm. What will this open chatbot mean for the future?

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Accredited design agency UX Connections listed on DesignRush

UX Connections now listed on DesignRush!

UX Connections is happy to announce we are now listed on DesignRush! The platform lists verified agencies that are trusted by the top brands across the globe. As a UX agency with offices in London, Sydney, New York and Gothenburg, we offer UX research and UX design services to support both B2B and B2C customers, embedding our UX consultants and providing flexible, scalable expertise in all areas of UX. You…

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Robots at Home: Smart Homes

In this series we are taking a look at the state of domestic robots and how close we are to robots being a common feature of the home. In our final piece of this collection, we look at how we can tie all of the different gadgets from around the house together in the Smart Home.

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Robots at Home: Companions

In this series we are taking a look at the state of domestic robots and how close we are to robots being a common feature of the home. Whilst we have seen the practicality of certain bots for domestic chores, perhaps one of the most demanded areas is robotic companions.

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Robots at Home: Roomba

In this series we are taking a look at the state of domestic robots and how close we are to robots being a common feature of the home. Our next focus is on Roomba, possibly the most common example of a domestic robot.

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UX Agency

The Manifest Names UX Connections As One of The Most Reviewed Market Researchers in The UK

Success in business is all about making the right decisions. But people can only make the right call if they have all the information about the situation. Market research is a way of giving companies an insight into their market and how their customers are behaving so they can anticipate a trend or get ahead of it.   UX Connections has been providing this insight for a number of years…

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SXSW Sydney

SXSW comes to Sydney in October 2023!

It has recently been announced that the world-renowned tech conference, SXSW will be expanding to Australia and Asia Pacific in 2023, being held in the home city of our Australia office, Sydney!  This is a great development for the southern hemisphere, with hopes it will aid the advancement of Sydney’s tech industry. In recent years, NSW has upped technology funding within Sydney in the hope to rival the likes of…

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Can a Robot Take Your Job?

As the world continues to witness a quantum leap in artificial intelligence technology—will our jobs be safe from automatization in the future? New research by EPFL answers the much-debated question.

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User Experience Elizabeth Line

The Platinum Jubilee: The UX of the Elizabeth line

For the last addition to our Tech Through Time: The Platinum Jubilee series, we thought we’d take a very UX-focused approach to a topic everyone has been talking about: The Elizabeth line. Recently opened and renamed in homage to Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, it has been highly anticipated for the past 13 years! Connecting Reading all the way to South-East London (through use of separate branches), it has been…

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Queen's Jubilee Tech Embracing

The Platinum Jubilee: How Queen Elizabeth II Has Consistently Embraced Technology

For the second segment of our Platinum Jubilee series, we thought we’d take a look at how the Queen has embraced technology throughout her 70 years on the throne, and used it to her advantage. Regularly labelled as a long-time supporter of digital communications and the advancement of technology, she has overseen the creation of the most popular commodities of modern times. So, here’s a list of the times when…

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The Platinum Jubilee: British Tech Developments Throughout Queen Elizabeth II’s 70 Year Reign

Later this week Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 70th year on the throne, a monumental milestone for the British monarchy. As a company born and bred in London, we’ve been seeing Jubilee content everywhere – whether it’s flags adorning the streets, celebratory festivals, or even purple-wrapped buses! So, as a UX company with interest in all-things-tech, we thought we would celebrate the Platinum Jubilee in our own way, from…

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Emotionally Intelligent AI

The ability and inability to comprehend emotions have been a key distinction between humans and artificial intelligence for long—but a recent discovery by Japanese researchers might change that.

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Saying Goodbye to SXSW 2022

Sadly, SXSW 2022 is coming to an end this Sunday, and so the UX Connections team has returned back to London and Gothenburg from sunny Austin! During our incredible trip, we gained considerable knowledge, both industry-wise and skill-wise. So, we thought we would share with you just a few standout lessons from the talks we attended at the conference. We hope you will enjoy reading them as much as we…

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UX Connections Austin

The UX Connections Austin Bucket List

Austin has an international reputation for being an exciting, zany, slightly-whacky place. After all, the slogan ‘Keep Austin Weird’ is seen and heard all over the city, so it makes sense as to why it has such a unique, individual culture. Seeing as the whole team will be visiting as part of our SXSW trip, we thought we would do a bit of research and start to build our ‘Austin…

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Future in Films: Minority Report

The next installment of the Future in Films series will be on the futuristic world created in Spielberg’s sci-fi thriller, Minority Report, where we see Tom Cruise in the role of John Anderton; a detective in the Department of Pre-Crime where murders are seen before they happen, and the team must decode clues and stop the crime before it takes place.

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