Worldwide Automotive: Inside The Gothenburg Automotive Industry

For years, Volvo and Gothenburg have been inseparable – when we speak of one, the other comes into mind naturally. However, the automotive industry at Gothenburg is not a one-man show. Gothenburg is home to many other companies in the supply chain too. In this article, we are going to look at three standouts: Smart Eye, Lynk+Co and CEVT. Smart Eye Smart Eye is a technology company of human insight…

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Austin Texas Startups

Silicon Hills Startups: The Companies Defining Austin as a Major Tech Startup Destination

As you probably know by now, the UX Connections team will soon be attending SXSW. So, we wanted to focus a bit on the city in which it’s hosted – Austin, Texas. This city has a long history of being the birthplace of some very successful businesses, it was even nicknamed ‘Silicon Hills’ in the 1990s due to a cluster of high-tech companies setting up offices within the area. To…

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