UX Highlights 2021

When the world changed back in 2020, there was a shift in focus for a lot of us. Things that brought us so much stress and worry no longer mattered in the grand scheme of things, and it was more about using our time to learn new skills, find new hobbies and rediscover that childlike joy of our favourite things. Since a lot of our time is still spent inside…

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Recognizing Algorithmic Biases

Transparency, accountability, and reliability are the virtues of trustworthy AI. By keeping inclusivity and equity as the cornerstones of the development of AI standards, organizations can address implicit biases of algorithms.

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The Female Lead: The Women Behind Swedish Tech

To end our Swedish Design Series on a high, we thought we’d champion some of the most successful women working in the Swedish tech industry. Not all women mentioned are Swedish-born, but they are helping Sweden become a world-leader in tech. Though not all are design-based, we appreciate that all women mentioned in this list are business-minded, innovation-led and tech-driven, which would explain why they’re all excelling in their field.…

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