Hayley Charlton

Consultant Profile: Hayley Charlton

Hayley works as a UX Consultant, as well as Head of Operations. We talked about everything from her teenage years, spent coding and building HTML websites, to the rainy day in Trafalgar Square that was the backdrop to her interview for UXC around seven years ago.

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User research at UX Connections

What are the best UX Research methods?

When undertaking any digital project, it is important to understand the audience who will be using the digital system. It is key to put the user at the centre of design decision making.  User-centricity is vital for creating a product/service that is both compelling and functional. 

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useful user personas

How to conduct research for useful user personas

When executed correctly, Personas can offer a valuable insight into your product’s requirements, outline the behavioural patterns of your users and in some cases even change the trajectory of a project. In this two-part series we explore the process we recently used at UX Connections to create useful user personas for a multinational client. “Having gone out into the wide world to understand your users’ lives, motivations and environment, a big…

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