Fonts UX Consultant 2022

10 Best Fonts For UX Design (2022) – Favourites of Our UX Consultants

Whether in print or digital, font has always played an important role. It can change a design completely. Therefore beginners in UX might wonder: What fonts should I use? Am I using the right fonts? In this article, we are clearing the doubts by listing 10 fonts that our UX consultants love to use.  The fonts in favour are: Roboto SF Pro Inter Proxima Nova Helvetica Neue Manrope Open Sans…

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useful user personas

How to conduct research for useful user personas

When executed correctly, Personas can offer a valuable insight into your product’s requirements, outline the behavioural patterns of your users and in some cases even change the trajectory of a project. In this two-part series we explore the process we recently used at UX Connections to create useful user personas for a multinational client. “Having gone out into the wide world to understand your users’ lives, motivations and environment, a big…

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5 Great Books for New UX-ers

5 great books for the new UX-er

We’re big readers here at UX Connections. You may have noticed from our twitter feed that we’re constantly sharing snippets of information, discussion and insight from around the online UX community. However, sometimes, nothing beats a good old fashioned paperback! So, Tom has decided to share 5 of his favourite books which have helped shape his approach to design and user experience.     About Face  3 By Alan Cooper…

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