BeReal: The UX Perspective

BeReal is a new, upcoming app that aims to offer a more ‘realistic’ approach to social media. Unlike other apps where editing, scrolling and stalking is rife, BeReal is focused on ‘authenticity’ and keeping up with the genuine day-to-day lives of friends and family. As we’re a UX design consultancy, who keep an eye out on the latest tech trends and developments, we wanted to take a look at the…

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BT Skills For Tomorrow: The Customer Journey

On March 29th, our Managing Director, Chris Sainsbury, will take part in a LinkedIn Live in association with the Skills For Tomorrow video he made in collaboration with BT (watch that here). In the lead up to the exciting event, we want to share some of the key insights he gives, specifically those to do with the customer journey.  The customer journey is defined by Chris as a way for…

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Consultant Profile: Lisa Nordgren

As a continuation of our series where we interview our own consultants, we recently spoke to the UX Connections team member who has been part of the creation of our Gothenburg office. We spoke for a while about her journey to UX, how she is always improving as a designer, and much more. Read on to see what she had to say.  Meet Lisa. UX Connections Consultant Profile: Lisa Nordgren…

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useful user personas

How to conduct research for useful user personas

When executed correctly, Personas can offer a valuable insight into your product’s requirements, outline the behavioural patterns of your users and in some cases even change the trajectory of a project. In this two-part series we explore the process we recently used at UX Connections to create useful user personas for a multinational client. “Having gone out into the wide world to understand your users’ lives, motivations and environment, a big…

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Highlights from Digital Shoreditch 2015

Our highlights from Digital Shoreditch 2015

UX for your Granny, escalator experiences and augmented reality — here are our highlights from Digital Shoreditch. “Let’s Get Real! Groundbreaking Virtual and Augmented Reality” By Daniel Cheetham (Head of Interactive, Happy Finish) Virtual Reality was impossible to ignore at Digital Shoreditch this year. From the moment William Hill handed out those google cardboards it was clear that VR would be to digital shoreditch what Meerkat was to SXSW. One of our…

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Future of Web Design

The Future of Web Design 2015

UX Connections had the opportunity to attend the FOWD 2015 conference in London this April, an excellent conference for anyone in the web design and development community. With a packed two days of informative talks and activities, here are some of our highlights. “Clear cache and refresh — getting started with designing in the browser” By Flurin Egger and Adrian Egger “Unlike programs that need a license, the web will…

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Key flaw in the new Macbook user experience

The key flaw behind the latest Apple Macbook user experience

Apple have produced some of the most iconic designs of the past 20 years, and their UX teams generally produce fantastic experiences. However, the latest Macbook release has revealed one key flaw which shows: Maybe user experience isn’t any longer Apple’s top priority? The Golden Rule of UX — “Always Design For The Context Of Use.” This is soon to be a conversation you will hear in libraries, offices and workspaces around…

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