Metaverse UX Design

The Metaverse: How It Can Be Shaped by UX Designs

Metaverse became a buzzword as Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement that Facebook would be renamed as Meta. All of a sudden, everybody is talking about the Metaverse, and everyone is looking forward to the new era. UX Connections is no exception as we are keen on tech and design. However, we as a UX design agency, would like to place focus on how UX can help in the development of…

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vr videos headset

VR Videos: are viewers experiencing the whole 360°?

Lara Williams, Editor-at-large A new feature on Youtube allows VR producers to see where their viewers are looking, but what are the findings? VR videos add a whole new depth of experience to viewers, immersing them in a 360-degree experience that can put them in the midst of epic battles or fantasy worlds. But how much of that experience is, well, experienced by the viewer? VR and 360-degree video producers…

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