UX Connections’ Trip to Dubai!

Our week in Dubai as a full team was packed full of exciting experiences. Bringing together our London, Gothenburg, New York and Sydney offices, our excursion was definitely one to remember. Read on to get a feel for what we got up to over there! Design Week One of the first things we did during our Dubai trip was visit Dubai Design Week. It was an interesting mix of all…

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What the Future Looks Like for the Fashion-Tech Industry

As technology constantly evolves and continues to ingrain itself deeper and deeper into our everyday lives, almost every industry is finding itself having to (or even wanting to) incorporate it into their process. When it comes to the fashion industry, this means that more companies are using tech to improve the creation process, personalise the e-commerce experience, or predict the future of customer interest. No matter how or why they…

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NFTs: The Developing Relationship Between Fashion and Tech

Over the past few years, the world has been becoming  evermore digital and taken a big step toward the future. Things such as art, music, and photography have all taken steps towards digitalisation, so why not the fashion world? For the first article in our FashionXTech miniseries, we’ll be taking a look at how fashion has done just that, with the sudden creation of NFTs  – and don’t worry if…

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Metaverse UX Design

The Metaverse: How It Can Be Shaped by UX Designs

Metaverse became a buzzword as Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement that Facebook would be renamed as Meta. All of a sudden, everybody is talking about the Metaverse, and everyone is looking forward to the new era. UX Connections is no exception as we are keen on tech and design. However, we as a UX design agency, would like to place focus on how UX can help in the development of…

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vr videos headset

VR Videos: are viewers experiencing the whole 360°?

Lara Williams, Editor-at-large A new feature on Youtube allows VR producers to see where their viewers are looking, but what are the findings? VR videos add a whole new depth of experience to viewers, immersing them in a 360-degree experience that can put them in the midst of epic battles or fantasy worlds. But how much of that experience is, well, experienced by the viewer? VR and 360-degree video producers…

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