Future in Films: Minority Report

The next installment of the Future in Films series will be on the futuristic world created in Spielberg’s sci-fi thriller, Minority Report, where we see Tom Cruise in the role of John Anderton; a detective in the Department of Pre-Crime where murders are seen before they happen, and the team must decode clues and stop the crime before it takes place.

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Snap Specs Introducing Real-Time AR

Following the yesterday’s Snap Partner Summit, the imminent release of the fourth generation Spectacles will add a new, exciting feature to the glasses that launches them into a separate and rapidly growing market; augmented reality.

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universal translation wavily labs headphones

Universal translation: Is this sci-fi technology soon to be a reality?

Sorcha Bradley, Journalist Universal translation has long seemed like a far-off fantasy, found only in science fiction. But could it soon be a reality? New York-based tech startup Waverly Labs are working hard to ensure we can converse with literally anyone we encounter, no matter what languages you’re able to speak with a translation device that fits into your ear, providing the user with a language translation that is as…

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snap incs spectacles

Can Snap Inc’s Spectacles avoid Google Glass’s fate?

Lara Williams, Editor-at-large What makes Snap Inc’s Spectacles different to Google’s attempt at smart glasses? Snap Inc. may have had high-brow techies scoffing when they first announced their foray into hardware last year, but after taking home three gold medals for design and a bronze for UX interface at Cannes Lions 2017, perhaps it’s time to start taking them seriously. This month, Snap Inc’s Spectacles were released in the UK.…

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