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Coworking spaces – the alternative to mainstream offices (Part Two)

Alexandru-Eduard Nica

Alexandru-Eduard Nica, Journalist

There is more to “coworking” than just a common office space.

A coworking space can create or represent one community as well, in which case it turns into a collaboration hub. Members are encouraged to develop themselves, regardless of their field, through events, activities, meetings characterized by dynamism and energy. Thereby, a place like this isn’t just a shared workspace, but a lot more than that. So, after we’ve got acquainted with the phenomenon, let’s change the angle a bit and focus on the people who are bustling around these hubs.

What defines a coworking community?

Well, for starters, it follows the same principle as every other community. It makes people with common activities gather around common goals, in a common space. By forming a community in a coworking space, results are easier to achieve. Ideas can interrelate where people can establish connections among themselves. And of course, the purpose is to find business solutions or even lay a strong foundation for new businesses. For young entrepreneurs and startups, a coworking community can be a sort of headquarters, at least in the incipient phases of their business.

When people become part of a community, of a network, they work better, they are more creative and often feel more motivated to accomplish their objectives. New contacts are useful and new knowledge may help you see what you’re doing from different angles. Usually, only the first step is a bit difficult, and indeed not every coworking space is a genuine community. But once you break the ice and get involved, you may want to stay involved.

The reason is that members of coworking communities really help each other. Even if it may sound like a cliché, statistics prove otherwise. If someone might have technical skills or might be a digital geek, while others can show better soft skills, we’re facing “win-win” situations, right? Imagine that you need a new website for your business and the guy who masters web design needs something that you’re good at. Obviously, you two have a deal!

“Win-win” situations are always attractive. And at the end of the day, everyone in a coworking hub wants the same thing: to grow. Which is actually more like an outcome of another fact: members want to improve themselves, while the owners strive for expansion and reputation. We find these ingredients in any other flourishing business, for objective reasons. 

Did I say “flourishing”? Yes, there are communities like this all around the world. Some of them can really make an impact on the local market, by generating new opportunities, such as attracting foreigners or students, for instance. 

Is it just about work?

Of course not, it’s also about the fun! People feel more comfortable and relaxed when they are part of a community. In the same time, you don’t have to work for the whole day, so think about the other side of making connections. Some of these people can become your friends. After all, if you share similar professional goals, why wouldn’t you share other interests as well? Especially when you find plenty of coffee around, since coworking spaces created a whole cult about coffee, emphasising the strong link between this hot drink and success.

These are just a few facts about coworking, for a better understanding. One thing is for sure, this phenomenon has a promising future. If and how we will use this alternative to standard offices? Well, it’s up to each one of us. An advice for those of you who want to “cowork”: choose a place which is not only a shared office, but also a community that will help you improve yourself every day and will keep you constantly motivated. And don’t forget about the fun, so make sure that you can relax as well. At least once in a while.

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