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Dubai Design Week 101: Everything You Need to Know

Continuing our Down in Dubai: UX Inspiration series, we’re focusing on one thing we are all very excited for – Dubai Design Week 2022. It’s the largest creative festival in the Middle East, and we’ll be attending it in person during our time in Dubai! For this reason, we thought we’d share with you the key themes of the event, and everything else you need to know about it if you’re visiting, or just interested. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for a first-hand glimpse!

The History

It was in 2015 that the first Dubai Design Week took place. Held jointly by Dubai Culture and Dubai Design District, the annual event aims to foster Dubai’s design community and cement Dubai as the design capital of the Middle East. Each year, artists, designers and creators in and out of the UAE visit Dubai in October/November for the exciting exhibitions and design talks. Among the exhibitions, the Global Grad Show is highly anticipated to return every year. By featuring works from emerging designers in university around the world, the creativity and innovation of the next generation are set to inspire the visitors. 

This Year’s Plans

The theme this year has been announced as DESIGN WITH IMPACT. Therefore, installations will be created to demonstrate the various impacts of design work, including how innovative design thinking can lead us to a sustainable future, and how design can positively impact the environment. 

(source: Dubai Design Week Facebook)

It has also been disclosed that the UAE Designer Exhibition, which showcases the works of regional artists, will be seen in Downtown Design – the commercial event of Dubai Design Week. More detailed information is still being kept under wraps at this moment, but we are expecting brands from the Middle East to display their latest product designs and collections at Downtown Design! For more information don’t forget to check their website and Instagram @dubaidesignweek.

Why UX Connections is Visiting

We are sure that our trip to Dubai is going to strengthen the bond of our team and allow us to get to know each other on a more personal level, but that’s not the only reason for our visit. As this series’ title suggests, we are visiting the city to get inspired by Dubai. Aside from gaining inspiration from the culture, scenery and people, Dubai Design Week is the main place that we get to be in close contact with local designers, as well as their work. We want to take the steps to revitalise our creative brains. 

Everyone at UX Connections, from UX consultants to marketers, is so excited about our upcoming visit to Dubai, and in particular attending Dubai Design Week. We cannot wait to see what is in store for us there! If you are going, don’t hesitate to share with us what it is about Design Week that has caught your attention. Also, don’t forget to follow for more of our Down in Dubai: UX Inspiration series!

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