Educating with AR: is it time to let phones out in the classroom?


Connor James Ibbetson, Journalist

AR is fast becoming the technology a la mode, finding applications in nearly every industry – could education be next?

It’s time to finally allow kids to get their phones out in the classroom – to aid with the learning process of course.

Continuing to build on the rapidly evolving technology of augmented-reality, Brighton-based startup Curiscope aims to integrate the novel technology into education.

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Source: Curiscope

The Virtuali-Tee uses AR tech to allow users to delve into the human body and learn all about biology.

It works by pairing a special t-shirt with an AR app. This combination is designed to be used in pairs, a viewer with the app and someone to wear the tee-shirt, but can be used solo in selfie mode. The app is also compatible with virtual reality goggles.

The wearable concept was funded through kickstarter and other crowd-funding platforms, raising over $117,436.

The innovation highlights further the potential that AR is showing, and that technology has a much greater role to play in the classroom.

90% of children own a mobile phone in the UK, and so the possibilities for AR to break into the classroom are virtually endless. Imagine how easy it would be if kids could scan a page in a book to download the homework questions, or to get more information on the topic?

education ar app technology

Source: Curiscope

The potential for aiding different learning types, especially visual learners, is another factor being considered by those in the industry, with research already showing that students suffering with dyslexia can really benefit from AR aided teaching.

If schools started taking on new, innovative forms of technology such as AR – there’s no question that learning could become far more engaging, and even fun.

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