About User Experience

What is user experience?

The term ‘user experience’ encompasses the entirety of a user’s interaction with a platform, product or service. A good user experience will have taken into account usability, accessibility, and efficiency.

What is the ux design process?

All processes will differ depending on the project needs, but the main areas usually covered by our UX consultants include:

  • Discovery, Requirements Gathering & User Research
  • Metrics Analysis & Persona Development
  • User Journeys, Information Architecture & Technology Evaluation
  • Initial Wireframe Sketches & Functional Specification Document
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • Usability Testing
  • Wireframe Creation and Annotation

How can user experience directly benefit my company/product?

The different facets of UX can benefit clients in various ways, including:

  • User research can tell you what consumers want, as well as make way for evidence-based decisions that are formed from real data
  • User testing can detect and fix the issues that stop users from engaging with your products
  • Prototyping can allow stakeholders to easily understand design and architecture ideas

The overarching theme is that our UX consultants will advocate for the user, whilst balancing business needs and technology efforts, which will inevitably ensure that your users have a better experience.

What are the advantages of prototyping?

Prototyping makes it easy to show how products will work on desktop, mobile and tablet. With prototypes, stakeholders are much more likely to be convinced, compared with showing a flat presentation or verbal explanation as they can realistically see how the solution works.

Consultants are also able to gather accurate, rapid feedback through sharing prototypes during usability testing sessions with real users. This helps to validate ideas and evaluate usability before launching a product, saving time and money.

How will personas benefit my business plan?

Personas are the best tool to bring user behaviours to life and to offer a thorough understanding of your customers. Gaining user insights helps clients to know their customers in depth, empathise with them and make the right business decisions in terms of what products they need and how to speak to them.

What are high fidelity wireframes, and why are they important?

High Fidelity wireframes give a visual representation of every aspect of the product. Wireframes are drawn in black-and-white to ensure the focus is on the layout, structure and content.

Through high fidelity wireframes, you can see the layout of websites, apps or platforms before they are built, which provides the opportunity to understand designers’ ideas visually and discuss changes before plans are set in stone.

Why is user testing important?

User testing is a way to ensure the design is user friendly. Our UX consultants can gather feedback from users and develop a detailed understanding of what satisfies and frustrates them. Thus, they can detect any issues and find solutions that work. User testing ensures the final product is as user-friendly as it can be, and that decisions are based on real user data.

Why do we put so much emphasis on the customer journey?

The customer journey is a visual display of behaviour that allows for companies to get in the mind of users. You can understand not only how consumers behave differently in the various stages of the consumption process, but also uncover potential drop-off points and barriers – allowing you to make improvements to the end-to-end user experience of your product.

What is the difference between UX and UI?

At its most basic level, the difference between UX and UI is that UX is a user-centric approach to the design, and UI is a user-centric approach to the aesthetic. UX is more focused on functionality, whereas UI is more about the visual experience. Both are grounded in problem solving, and both are offered by UX Connections.

What does a UX consultant do?

The job of a UX consultant depends mostly on what the project needs. It varies from project to project, but in a nutshell the consultants are skilled in:

  • Conducting user research
  • Analysing and communicating findings
  • Persona development
  • Stakeholder management
  • Black-and-white wireframe specification
  • Light UI design
  • Close collaboration with development and seamless handover
  • Ensuring designs cater to your users’ needs

Why is ux design important?

UX design places users at the forefront of your products, no matter what they are – apps, websites or platforms. Its importance lies in the fact that it decides how users interact with products. Great UX design brings out the best in your products and unleashes their potential.

About UX Connections

What benefit have we brought to previous clients?

Learning from the feedback of previous clients, the main benefits you can expect from us are:

  • Evidence-based decisions
  • Assuring the voice of the user is heard throughout all projects
  • Stakeholder management and close relationship with development
  • Well-built and visually-appealing interfaces for websites, apps and platforms

“UX Connections was able to help build the foundations for the client’s long-term growth and success. The internal stakeholders trusted them immensely to serve as a first-party resource, which they don’t normally do. The team was able to consistently deliver high-quality outputs.” – Principal of Strategy Capability, Consulting Agency

Why do we think we’re the best UX design agency in London?

UX Connections is the best UX design agency in London because:

  • We are trusted by clients, as seen by our 4.9 star rating on Clutch
  • We are flexible for all sizes of projects
  • We tailor the design for each client – no cookie cutter solution
  • We are named as a Global Leader in the Market Research Industry
  • Our consultants are focussed on UX – never distracted by other areas in the development lifecycle

Get in touch with us and experience it for yourself!

What are the specific services you provide?

UX Connections specialises in UX research and UX design, and here are the specific services we provide:

  • User research
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • UX persona creation
  • User journey mapping
  • Information architecture
  • Hi-fi/Low-fi wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Usability testing
  • UI design

Get in touch to tell us about your project and we will work together with you to solve your UX requirements!

What other industries have you worked in?

As a top UX agency, UX Connections has experience across a wide range of industries, including:

  • Betting & Gaming
  • Events & Service Design
  • Finance & Fintech
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Crypto
  • Tech Startups
  • Telecoms
  • News & Media
  • Education
  • Non Profit
  • Government
  • Retail (Omnichannel)
  • Energy
  • Publishing

Why do we think we’re the best ux agency in Gothenburg?

We at UX Connections are specialised in UX and UI design, making us experts in the field. Our UX consultants in Gothenburg are a curious team of forward thinking designers who are curious and always strive to create the best user-centred design for our Swedish clients.

Will your consultants be able to seamlessly integrate into my company?

Our flexible structure means our consultants are well versed in quickly integrating to any team, anywhere. We can be involved in projects ranging from a few days to year-long commitments.

Why choose us as your UX agency partner in New York?

We’re a flexible, agile team of consultants that can integrate into any company structure, no matter where you are in New York (or elsewhere in the USA). Whatever it is you need, we can give – we offer expertise in all categories of UX, whether it be research or design focused.

What makes us stand out from other UX agencies in Sydney?

UX Connections are specialists in UX Research and UX Design. Here at our Sydney office we treat each and every project differently, understanding in detail your UX problems and coming up with a process and solution to cater to your direct needs. UX Connections is a Global UX agency – we have resources and experiences from around the world to fulfil your needs.

How do we find out what your users need?

We begin each project through a detailed discovery phase to understand project requirements and your product vision. Our consultants perform thorough user research to understand user needs and goals. We utilise a range of methods to uncover user requirements, including stakeholder interviews, surveys, user interviews, focus groups, card sorting and usability testing.

How can we improve your existing products and services?

UX Connections have a goal to improve the digital products we work with. We do this through:

  • Expert reviews to understand defects and opportunities on the current product.
  • User journey mapping to create a smooth and efficient experience.
  • Usability testing to make sure the design is evidence-based.

My company is in a knowledge-intensive industry, do you possess adequate knowledge to help?

You, as the client, are the industry experts coming to us with your problems. We then use genuine user research and understanding to deliver the right solution. Furthermore, our consultants have worked in many different industries, including finance & fintech, healthcare, news & media, travel & tourism and automotive, and have extensive experience of applying UX design in different situations and contexts.

“One thing that stands out is just how much the consultants knew what they were talking about in terms of sports… even with newer features that would have to be explained to them, they just got it straight away” – Jimmy Crawford, former Product Manager, Entain.

Why do we think UX Connections is the best design agency?

  • We are experts in our field
  • We complete the whole UX process, research and design, to ensure evidence-based decisions
  • We are a global agency, with offices in London, New York, Gothenburg and Sydney
  • We have experience working with large-scale and smaller projects – no job is too big or too small
  • We create innovative solutions to create the best digital products
  • We’re a group of collaborative, talented and transparent designers, ready to help your product succeed!
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