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Interesting Uses of Augmented Reality in Industries

Mimi Sarwar

Mimi Sarwar, Writer

Augmented reality is a cutting-edge technology that is offering users amazing opportunities and digitally enhanced possibilities across different industries.

Users can digitally communicate with state-of-the-art visual overlays, games and even rebuild information around them with the incorporation of AR.     

The technology has found its way into different industries where it’s making intriguing uses and offering benefits in a variety of ways. Here are industries that are incorporating and leveraging AR to help their operations run smoothly and effectively.

Healthcare Industry: Enhanced Surgical Training and Performance

AR is superimposing detailed radiographic images on live images which allows visualisation of the surgical site that was once not possible. This innovative step in healthcare is beneficial for training surgeons when performing intricate operations. They can see the digital overlays in real-time, incorporating value-rich information, which is vital, accurate and concise for a successful surgery. Even though this technology is relatively new in the healthcare field, it is showing great potential.

Real Estate Industry: 3D Real Estate Models & Property Tours

AR can help consumers understand a property and its potential. They can visualise the model including its scale, interior and exterior features giving consumers the potential to understand the property without having to physically be there in person. With 3D real estate models, property tours, floor planners and interactive blueprints, AR can leverage users experience and digitally enhance their understanding of what the property has to offer.

Healthcare Industry: Immersive Therapy

With mental health being placed at the forefront of the healthcare industry, AR is proving to be a handy tool for those who are experiencing mental issues or behavioural disorders. 

Immersive therapy is helping those in need by providing them with the means to deal with the issues in real-time with the help of a trained therapist. This concept already exists for soldiers experiencing PTSD and is revolutionising mental health care in a way that was once not possible. 

Heavy Machinery Industry: Enhanced Training

Factories are digitising their processes by using AR’s cutting-edge technology. AR and heavy machinery might seem an odd combination at first, but the tools AR has to offer are transforming the factory floor.

Overlaying digitally enhanced technical information onto machinery through goggles or tablets is helping pave the way for a reduction of human error whilst unlocking powerful efficiencies. It is believed that AR can significantly reduce assembly times, as seen with Lockheed Martin’s 35-50% reduction meaning that the American arms, security, aerospace, and advanced technologies company can work at a faster rate bringing costs down whilst productively generating a greater output.

Oil & Gas Industry: On-The-Job Training

Global oil giants, BP and Shell, have already incorporated AR in their operations. Last year, BP announced that they will be using Sandy, an AI technology, to accelerate project lifecycles, from exploration through to reservoir modelling. The project has been targeting a time-effective 90% reduction in data collection, interpretation and simulation. 

Using AR-powered training in the oil and gas industry has been welcomed with open arms. The industry highlights on-the-job training on oil infrastructure although there are dangers when handling oil and gas equipment. With the help of AR, the process of training can be assisted considerably and safely.

The UX Connections View

Chris Sainsbury
Managing Director

Augmented and mixed-reality technologies allow brands to immerse customers in new ways, in both a B2B and B2C context. Products can be demoed, training can be delivered, and sales pitches brought to life through hardware which is becoming more and more affordable and realistic. UX Connections can help with digital strategy, customer research and interface design for these technologies – ensuring you get maximum return on investment and customer satisfaction for your project.

Education Industry: ‘Edutainment’

AR “edutainment” applications such as doubleYou! are learning tools that have merged with AR and virtual reality (VR). DoubleYou’s augmented reality meets education and entertainment at children’s level engaging them in an innovative and fun way, blending the real world with digital overlays. Users can enjoy the best of both worlds as education and entertainment frequently meet so students can soak in rich delights with profound learning. Education and entertainment frequently intersect, and when they do, we can enjoy the best of both worlds: rich delights and reflective learning. AR edutainment tools will continue to drive distributive learning into the future.

The Future of Augmented Reality

AR has been dominating the technological world over the years and is being incorporated into different industries due to its many advantages of optimising and leveraging operations and services. It will continue to support and advance industries in a way like no other, continually growing and working closely to what will only enhance user’s experience with the digital and real world.

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