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Rumours circulate of Apple VR/AR device in the works.


Connor James Ibbetson, Editor-at-large

Another new device to add to the impressive Apple line up?

Tech giant CNET is reporting that an Apple headset device could be on the market as early as 2020. The device reportedly functions for both AR and VR.

ARKit was released by Apple in june last year to allow developers to build AR-enabled apps for the newest generations of the Ipad and Iphone, and since then Apple has filed several patents for AR related tech. Other than that however, Apple has been unusually behind the curve, as devices like the HTC Vive have been dominating the AR/VR market for some time. While cheaper DIY wearable’s, like Google Cardboard, have been bringing VR to the masses.

Quoting a single source, and with a declined comment from Apple, CNET reported that the device could feature two 8K screens, one for each eye. Giving the device resolution way above of that of screens currently on the market. A few tech demo 8k screens have been shown off at conventions by other tech giants, but currently nothing at that level is on the consumer market – let alone two in the same device.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is a noted fan of AR. Speaking to the Independent, he likened the developing world of AR to the first incarnation of the AppStore, “It will be that dramatic.” he said.

What sort of specs are we talking?

One big issue with current VR and AR gear is the size, Gear VR by Samsung uses a Galaxy smartphone but most, like the HTC vive need to be hooked up to a mean-pc if you want high performance graphics. Apple’s device, according to rumour, would utilise wireless technology to keep the headset itself simple and lightweight, likely using 60GHz WiGig, a new ultra high speed wireless technology.

Reports in Bloomberg also suggested the device would feature a new chipset that could potentially be twice as powerful as the chipset currently powering their flagship device – the Iphone X. A likely continuation of Apple pushing to replace 3rd party chips in their devices.

With Snap Inc giving Spectacles another go, the war of the wearables could be heating up again. But for now these are just rumours from a single unconfirmed source, but needless to say we will be very excited to see this jump into a new product range from Apple. We will update this article with more as the information comes.

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