Samsung could be releasing a 5G handset

Connor James Ibbetson, Editor-at-large

The next Samsung line up could include a 5G enabled phone.

According to code uncovered by XDA, the S10 Plus lineup could include a phone with 5G technology.

Developers over at XDA had a look under the hood at the Galaxy S9+’s Android Pie update, looking for any configuration files that could point to future devices.

This method had previously unveiled information on unreleased devices when they analysed the Galaxy Note 8‘s leaked Android Oreo update.

What they found this time was configuration files pointing to four new samsung device, code named “beyond 0”, “beyond 1”, “beyond 2”, and “beyond 2 5G”.

The files themselves reveal little, but breaking down the naming system can give away interesting hints to the coming devices.

All the Galaxy model code names start with ‘beyond’ and the next number denotes the size, with 0 being the smallest of the handsets.

The inclusion of a ‘q’ in the codename also means a Qualcomm Snapdragon model of the device, all the other devices will be the Exynos models.

‘LTE’ just means the device supports 4G LTE.

Going by this naming system, there seems to be both a Qualcomm and Exynos version of the 5G handset.

XDA noted that just because these config files exist, doesn’t mean that Samsung will follow through and produce all the models, but this is promising news for those looking to get their hands on the next gen 5G as soon as possible.

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