UX Connections is a design consultancy with offices in London, New York, Gothenburg and Sydney. Our team designs customer experiences and digital products that your users will love.

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Here at UX Connections we follow 6 design steps for creating amazing user experiences.

UX Research

Our user experience (UX) research process uncovers the detailed understandings required to deliver effective digital products that work for both users and your business. We then present findings as beautiful deliverables that communicate the understandings to clients and stakeholders alike.

“Personas make user insight accessible, understandable and practical”

Metrics Analysis & Persona Development

We look at any statistics that already exist, as well our user research findings to determine how these might affect the interface we design.

Personas present user insight visually as posters and infographics that support the design process. They make user insight accessible, understandable and practical.


This process helps all stakeholders – from developers to management- understand what we’re doing and why from the beginning.

“We collaborate with technology partners throughout the process, working as a team to solve problems”

UX Design

With a solid understanding of our business needs, user needs and technology constraints we move in to UX design. The ‘magic dust’ of UX is how we translate these findings in to interface features that deliver for users, are simple to use, and positively affect your KPIs.

“Our initial wireframe sketches will explore the behaviour of core components”

“Interactive prototypes can be used for gathering feedback from stakeholders and users alike”


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