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Software to Hardware: Zoom Enters a New Market

Kenton Reynolds

Kenton Reynolds, Writer

Zoom introduce a communication device for the home that is built to run their platform.

Upon visiting the website for the Zoom for Home – DTEN ME, you will see the phrase “Simplified Collaboration”; two words that seem to sum up the product and its purpose. Zoom will be releasing their home collaboration appliance to support those that find difficulty in setting up the software on their current devices.

Their product will come at a fairly high price of $599. This is $270 more than the current iPad and $240 over the top of the range Samsung Galaxy Tab S; a price difference that is large enough to demand attention. Despite offering similar functions, it appears that such a vast price difference will occur as the DTEN ME won’t be a tablet, its impressive 27” screen means it comes closer to a desktop or even small television in size which warrants the more lucrative price tag.

A big screen is not enough for such a high cost, the DTEN ME will need to have some pretty impressive features too. How about just 0.5-inch screen thickness, 3 smart cameras, an 8-mic array and crystal-clear audio? Zoom is presenting a premium product to the market that is packed with top technology. Though the device is marketed as “easy to setup”, “use” and “manage”, don’t be fooled into believing this is entry level tech. Zoom is looking to seize the market by boasting the best technology available.

It will be multi-purpose too. The DTEN ME will of course come with Zoom software pre-installed, but it will not just be for video calls. The personal video conferencing device will also operate as a phone to make calls using cellular. In addition to this, it can operate as a second desktop monitor so that the DTEN ME could be purchased to replace the current monitor – hence the high price and high-quality tech. Finally, the device will operate as a virtual whiteboard.

Zoom are aiming for the business market with the DTEN ME; offering whole business packages as well as selling individual devices. The device will remove the problems faced by having to use multiple devices to carry out Zoom calls and pack all uses for a screen into one device.

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