We were privileged to work with Spinning Globe on designing their prototype travel inspiration website. The objective for this project was to create a service where people could collect, save and share holiday ideas from around the globe and grow their collections for future trips.


1.Meeting the client and their team to discuss the vision for this website product.

2. Understanding the history and journey of this product, when it began as a physical map print out.

3. Carry out card sorting to plot out the structure of the product and develop an early idea of the navigational system.

4. Develop a visual feature matrix and place the card sorted features into different categories of scope. For the prototype and testing product, we needed to first design the core structure of the website in collaboration with the developers.

Spinning Globe High Level Wireframes

Spinning Globe UI


1.Creating a sitemap that displays all the links between different screens, states and actions found within the website.

2.Drawing high level desktop and mobile wireframes covering some of the key screens that are involved in the users journey.

3.Organising, annotating and drawing more wireframes to account for various other user journeys outside of the standard consumer.


1.Once the content was outlined in the high level wireframes, we went straight into developing some high fidelity versions where we could start making decisions on how the prototype will function and appear when released.

2.The developers we were collaborating with had a clear line of communication allowing us to form a back and forth channel where they could have sprints to develop every wireframe as we went along, optimising our progress.

3. After a number of reiterations and improvements, the product was now ready to be properly tested in our interaction lab before going to live launch.