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What can Reddit users teach us about good UX design?

Do on-screen volume controls need an update? Over the month of June, Reddit users over at r/ProgrammerHumor have been competing to reimagine volume controls. Witty, delightful and often infuriating, they’ve invented the most un-user-friendly volume controls ever to grace a screen.   So what can we learn from these whimsical designs? Is the volume slider due an update? Industrial designer Dieter Rams came up with the 10 commandments of good…

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snap incs spectacles

Can Snap Inc’s Spectacles avoid Google Glass’s fate?

Lara Williams, Editor-at-large What makes Snap Inc’s Spectacles different to Google’s attempt at smart glasses? Snap Inc. may have had high-brow techies scoffing when they first announced their foray into hardware last year, but after taking home three gold medals for design and a bronze for UX interface at Cannes Lions 2017, perhaps it’s time to start taking them seriously. This month, Snap Inc’s Spectacles were released in the UK.…

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5 Great Books for New UX-ers

5 great books for the new UX-er

We’re big readers here at UX Connections. You may have noticed from our twitter feed that we’re constantly sharing snippets of information, discussion and insight from around the online UX community. However, sometimes, nothing beats a good old fashioned paperback! So, Tom has decided to share 5 of his favourite books which have helped shape his approach to design and user experience.     About Face  3 By Alan Cooper…

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