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The evolution of workout equipment: 3 top fit-tech start-ups that are changing the game

Siim Pettai

Siim Pettai, Writer

The spread of COVID-19 has negatively affected many fitness companies across the country. Professional athletes and fitness lovers are forced to find equipment alternatives to continue with their daily routines.

Due to the quarantine rules, some fitness start-ups have introduced remote gym experiences. Thanks to this, users can access their daily workouts from the comfort of their home. The experiences have proved to be widely popular. High demand has even caused growth in sales in the fitness equipment market during lockdown.

Here are the top 3 fit-tech start-ups that could replace traditional gyms and fitness studios.


New York City-based company Peloton offers remote classes for  fitness lovers.

The company’s main product includes the Peloton Bike. This is a stationary bike with a 21.5” HD built-in touchscreen. Using their WiFi and the Peloton app, at-home riders can connect and stream pre-recorded classes. The bike is very popular among celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, David Beckham and Usain Bolt. The only downside is the cost of the bike itself, which starts at $2,245.

In 2018, Peloton also introduced its own treadmill called the Peloton Tread. The treadmill is equipped with a 32” HD touchscreen and provides the same interactive classes accessed through the app. The price of the treadmill starts at $4,295.

To have unlimited access to the live classes, there is a monthly membership of $39 on top. Although the price tag is high, some users believe is a “life-changing experience”.


California-based fit-tech company FightCamp is a boxing gym that you can have at home. It offers an interactive, free-standing boxing bag and at-home boxing workouts. The equipment suits all fitness levels.

Like other companies, FightCamp offers fit-tech equipment to create a virtual experience for users. Pro-athletes users include Daniel Cormier (UFC fighter) and Vasyl Lomachenko (professional boxer).

There are three different boxing packages available depending on your budget. FightCamp Connect is the cheapest option, priced at  $439, which includes punch trackers and quick wraps. FightCamp Personal includes a few extras as well as a free-standing bag and premium boxing gloves, costing $1219. FightCamp Tribe is the family option which includes extras such as additional boxing gloves and quick wraps. The Tribe is the most expensive option, costing $1349.

Additionally, the FightCamp Membership contains hundreds of on-demand content led by experienced fighters.  The monthly price is $39, but according to users, it is worth it!


Mirror is a fitness company based in New York City offering smart equipment that can be integrated into your home.

The equipment consists of a full-length, space-efficient mirror which acts as an interactive home gym. The Mirror can be easily mounted on the wall or leaned on a minimalist carbon steel stand. It is suitable for anyone, from beginner to expert levels.

For the price of $1495 plus $39 a month, users can access the companion app. Inside the app, users can access a wide range of workout classes from yoga and meditation to boxing. These classes are available on-demand 24/7. Mirror’s latest feature also allows users and trainers to interact through the device’s camera. This creates a one-on-one experience like you have a personal trainer by your side.

There are also certified instructors available to provide expert feedback and advice. The company also sells accessories such as heart rate monitors, fitness bands and Starter Pack starting at $49,95.

Additionally, the mirror allows users to adapt the sessions based on their personal preferences. This way, it is possible to not miss any sessions. For example, if you have an injury, modifications can be made to the movements.

The Future of Fitness is DEFINITELY here!

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