The UX Connections 2015 Summer Party!

On a classic English summer evening towards the end of August, the UX Connections team hosted their first ever summer party. It was a great way to celebrate the projects accomplished during 2015 and more generally to catch up with friends, along with business associates.

Despite initial fears surrounding a potential tube strike, along with the unknown nature of the venue; proceedings certainly ran smoothly.

The party took place at the Big Chill in King’s Cross which turned out to be an ideal venue for the celebration…it even involved a roof terrace! There were fun cocktails, personalized sunglasses along with a vibrant, Bristolian DJ. Not to mention the satisfying array of snacks on offer. It was also lovely to have outdoor space and the turn out was impressive.

Overall, the summer party was a roaring success – thank you all so much for coming!

As the UX Connections team expands and new projects commence this autumn, we look forward to hosting our Christmas party in December. Keep your eyes peeled for our next hand-written invitation!

(If you are keen to hear more about plans for the Christmas party now, please email Anwen O’Dell at

By Rebecca Scott (UX Consultant)

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