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UX Connections at Web Summit 2023

In early November, the UX Connections team set out on an adventure to the city of Lisbon, Portugal, for the much anticipated Web Summit 2023. The event welcomes over 70,000 attendees from over 150 different countries. It is the standout tech-gathering event, connecting top-notch speakers, key representatives from major tech companies, emerging start-ups and tech-passionate enthusiasts. It offers an invaluable opportunity for like-minded attendees to connect and share knowledge about the tech space. 

Given that our company primarily offers consulting services to tech firms, our goal is to stay on top of the latest news and trends in the technology sector. This ensures that the recommendations we provide to our customers are always up-to-date.

Our Journey

Our Australian team embarked on a transcontinental journey, navigating 26 hours of travel to arrive in sunny Lisbon. Our London team met them there, after a considerably more leisurely 2.5-hour trip from Heathrow. 

Upon everyone’s arrival in Lisbon, we checked in to the Web Summit event at the airport. Then we continued to explore Lisbon. Thankfully, we were blessed with fantastic weather during our visit. The city has a laid-back and colourful homely vibe with warm weather which is perfect for a holiday after a year of hard work.


What Web Summit offer

The breadth of content covered by tech industry experts and leaders is at the heart of Web Summit. Given the rising popularity of AI, it is not surprising that AI was front and centre of many of the discussions. The innovative and exciting potential of AI was explored, as well as addressing probing discussions around the ethical and technological implications of this technology. Web Summit provided an excellent stage for these rich discussions. 

Incredible Start-ups

Many startups from all over the world took part in this event. All the start-ups are full of passion and new ideas. My favourite start-up was Clickup, an organisational app with integrated AI. The AI is used to summarise notes and brainstorm new ideas which I think is innovative and a new way of using AI in the workplace. Likewise, the talks at the Web Summit are insightful. They make a point of bringing in top-notch speakers from around the world, covering not just tech but also business and career development. 

Another highlight of the week was watching the PITCH competition finals. The PITCH competition is a thrilling showcase of innovative startups from around the world. Entrepreneurs take the stage to pitch their ideas, disruptive technologies and business models to a panel of expert judges, investors and (of course) a global audience. The competition winner receives prizes and opportunities to significantly boost their startup trajectory.

This year, there were three compelling finalists: Inspira, a Brazilian startup that offers solutions for the legal space, Cognimate, a healthcare company from Cyprus and Kinderpedia, a Romanian company connecting parents with their children’s school lives. All the startups did a fantastic job putting their best foot forward and delivering fantastic pitches. The UX Connections team all had different winners in their minds, and we had fun debating the best pitch during our lunch break. 

Ultimately, Inspira came out on top, with Kinderpedia winning the People’s Choice Award. Inspira was born during the pandemic to disrupt the legal market by using technology to democratise legal information. Huge congratulations to Inspira and Kinderpedia on their wins!

UX Connections at Night Summit

The UX Connections team also had an amazing time at Night Summit. Night Summit transforms the conference experience into a vibrant, after-hours party. As the sun sets over beautiful Lisbon, Night Summit comes alive with various social events, parties and games. It was the perfect opportunity to unwind, share stories and connect with new friends. We loved the second night of Night Summit, which was held in Pátio da Galé. It was an incredible spectacle of lights, food, games and best of all – karaoke! It was such a fun night, with lots of Web Summit attendees jumping up onto the stage to belt out their favourite songs.


In summary, participating in Web Summit Lisbon 2023 is a really enjoyable experience for staying informed about the latest tech news and developments. However, if you’re not particularly passionate about tech, the ticket price of £1500 may not be worth it.

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