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UXC Team’s favourite talks at Web Summit Lisbon

While soaking in the sunshine and pleasant weather in Lisbon, members of the UXC team also enriched their knowledge through insightful talks. We reached out to a few team members to learn about their favourite talks and the reasons behind their preferences. Here’s what they shared:

Claire Allen
UX Consultant

One of my favourite talks at the Web Summit was about the education industry, Changing Education from the Ground Up. The talk was by Amanda Nolen, co-founder of NilesNolen. It was interesting to hear her views on how education is changing with tech and how there is a potential for a more inclusive and pesonalised learning experience. It made me think how far education has come, and with the power of tech, everyone can have a personalised learning experience that helps them learn in a way that could be different from anyone else.

Patch McCabe
UX Consultant

My favourite talk was the talk by Sage Cliner, the Climate activist. She spoke so well and you could tell how passionate she was, I don’t like making a point about people’s ages, but it was really impressive how well she held the audience’s attention, especially considering how young she is. I also liked that she didn’t shy away from calling out influential people in the crowd that had the power to make a positive impact but weren’t.

Hailey Ho
UX Consultant

There are so many great talks, but one of my favourite was the talk about Vtubers in Japan. As someone intrigued by Japanese culture, the talks bring a lot of insights into how technology can be used for entertainment and how they can alter the experience to fit the culture. The CEO of Sega also used a lot of interactions between  himself and the on-screen characters, which was quite interesting to watch.

Mae Foster
UX Consultant

My favourite talk at Web Summit 2024 was ‘Creating New Pathways for Learning.’ I found this talk particularly interesting because it demonstrated how, by leveraging not only AI but also new user centred processes, we can transform historically rigid systems like education. The focus was on helping people learn by incorporating AI, technology, and compassion to provide tailored educational experiences. This is especially crucial for those who lack access to traditional education methods due to displacement or living in developing countries. However, it emphasised that interactive and engaging learning experiences should be employed for all individuals, recognising that not everyone learns in the same way.


Those talks are the top picks for our UX Consultants. We all agreed that participating in Web Summit Lisbon would be a delightful escape from the chilly London weather. Did you have the chance to attend the conference? If so, which talk was your personal favourite?


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