VIABET: the betting platform where users can play as the house

Lara Williams

Lara Williams, Editor-at-large

It’s well known in gambling that ‘the house always wins’ – but what if that wasn’t the case? A new online gambling platform is soon to be launched that allows users to ‘become’ the casino.

There are plenty of cryptocurrency betting platforms emerging online these days. While they still only account for 5% of the online gambling market – that number is growing, after all, Bitcoin was made for the web.

VIABET is a new blockchain-based, cloud betting platform, aiming to target the other 95% and revolutionise online gambling. But what does that mean for users?

viabet betting blockchain

Source: VIABET


Power to the people

With games ranging from roulette to poker and peer-to-peer sports betting, it works on a double token system. Players must purchase and bet with VIA tokens (like the chips in a casino). EDGE tokens can also be exchanged, and it’s these that users will want to get their hands on.

Once a player has amassed a certain amount of EDGE tokens, they can become the casino and play against other users – creating their own rules and given the house odds. Other gaming companies will also be able to set up their own games.

While you have to play against VIABET to get these EDGE tokens (that are then spent as you play as the casino), the platform claims this solves the issue of trust – with fairness (the house has a 0% edge) and transparency.

vibe bitcoin blockchain betting

Source: VIABET

Would you trust the house?

The platform wants to solve the issue of trust – and for that reason, they’re operating on a 0% house edge and offering provable fairness. But there are other ways they’re doing this too, namely – the blockchain.

As a complete decentralised ledger of transactions – blockchain offers transparency, security and privacy in a way that other modes of payment don’t have.

Transactions are anonymised and, providing users keep their bitcoin locked up safely, offer a security and ease of use that you don’t necessarily get with paying online with a credit card.

An excerpt from their white paper says: “We aim to create a new kind of gambling experience. An experience where the user no longer has to feel like he’s at the mercy of the casino provider.”

With transparency, control and the promise of provable fairness, VIABET seems almost too good to be true for the innovative gambler – but it sounds like it’s worth a gamble.

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