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Vivid Sydney: What It Is And Why You Should Attend!

This year, from 27th May to 18th June, Vivid Sydney is back with spectacular light shows, visual art pieces, and live music! It is an annual event that not only attracts Sydneysiders, but people from all around the world. The blend of arts, technology and innovation is truly awe-inspiring, so if you’re around Sydney this month, read this article for all the info you need!

What is Vivid Sydney?

Vivid Sydney is a festival that celebrates innovation and technology with light and music. Across 23 days and nights, the whole city is lit up with art, including famous landmarks such as Sydney Harbour and Sydney Opera House. Turning into a sleepless city, the luminous Sydney is also accompanied by live music. Visitors will find live shows at unexpected locations – secret bars, parks and even Central Station. What’s more, enlightening talks featuring the most brilliant creatives and innovators are scheduled to be open to the public.

2022 is the twelfth year of Vivid Sydney, but the story actually began back in 2007. When Anthony Bastic visited London, he was fascinated by the lit-up buildings and illuminated skyline. So, inspired by what he saw, he went on to illuminate the Sydney Opera House, which became the origin of the festival. Since then, Vivid Sydney has grown larger and larger every year. This year, the theme has been announced to be The Soul of Our City. The artists are setting out to uncover the elements that compose a great city loved by its inhabitants, and to create experiences that reflect Sydney’s uniqueness and universality. 

Why Should You Attend?

Opinions can vary from person to person, but here are our top reasons to visit:

  • A festival to experience art, technology and innovation all at once
  • Winner of Australia’s Best Tourism Event, winner of Best Cultural, Arts or Music Event, and accredited by International Festivals & Events Association
  • The best time to deep-travel Sydney for culture and art
  • Numerous thought-provoking events available, introducing new ideas to you (e.g. the crypto and web3 art party)
  • The amount of consumable content – the Vivid Sydney Light Walk stretches 8 kilometres!
  • To experience the liveliness of a harbour city – Vivid Sydney brings the sky, the land and the sea together.

Innovation is something that always excites us here at UX Connections, and we are always thrilled to attend events such as these. Not to mention, our new Sydney UX Agency Office is officially open, so we’ll definitely be making a visit to Vivid Sydney 2022!

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