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Why choose UX services from UX Connections?

Here at UX Connections, we provide a unique offering to customers. Since we are a specialised UX agency, there are several advantages to hiring us. These include:

Specialists in UX and UI Design and Research

We are experts in our field, making sure to do a thorough job and ensure that the user is the main priority throughout the entire process. We are their voice, and we work to bridge the gap between them and your stakeholders.

Focus on Research

Since we prioritise the importance of research, we can present the data that is used to inform the evidence-based decisions we make. We know why we make the decisions we make, and can explain them to your stakeholders. 


Our UX consultants tailor each project to your users, making sure to create relevant design systems. We make sure to test our designs and create prototypes where necessary, and can therefore easily change what doesn’t work, all within the design phase.

A Team Behind Every UX Consultant

No consultant comes to a project entirely alone. There will always be a senior UX designer there to support them and ensure the quality of the work is up to standard. No matter what, our UX consultants always have a team behind them ready cover if necessary.

Clear Costs

At UX Connections, there are no hidden fees so you know exactly what you are paying for. You can hire our UX designers on a daily basis or for entire projects, all at a set daily rate. 

So, exactly how are we different from other UX designers on the market? Check out our matrix below to see:

A matrix where we compare UX Connections against freelancers and internal teams

Another thing that is important to address about the role of the UX Consultant is that no other roles can replace it. Sometimes, the responsibility falls directly on developers or graphic designers to create websites. However, this does not work as there is no focus on usability. They may create visually pleasing websites, but with little importance given to the user experience, which is arguably a vital part of any website!

As you have seen, there are many advantages to working with UX Connections. We take care to make your products user-friendly, quality assured and created by UX specialists.

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