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Worldwide Automotive: Motor Shows

If you are a car enthusiast, there are probably a few days that you mark in your calendar for motor shows. Since, for people who are passionate about cars, motor shows are experiential events where they can witness the debut of new models, eye the out-of-reach concept cars and even rare classics. Do not worry if you are new to the community and don’t know where to start. We will walk you through the unmissable motor shows which are:

  • Geneva International Motor Shows
  • Auto Shanghai
  • CES
  • Bonus

Geneva International Motor Shows

Known as GIMS, the annual motor show held in Geneva (Switzerland) is one of the biggest car exhibitions in the world. Possessing a long history from 1905, GIMS is a must for every manufacturer in the industry. All of the major players and smaller auto houses are in attendance, and the event is therefore covered by all outlets of the press. The brands see this as the ideal occasion to launch new models into the public domain and showcase future vehicles.

Next event: 14th – 19th Feb 2023 in Palexpo, Geneva

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Auto Shanghai

Like GIMS, Auto Shanghai is a major event attended by every manufacturer you want to see. Visitors can find all the latest models and concept vehicles on display. Although Auto Shanghai is held biennially, it alternates with China’s capital Beijing (Beijing Auto Show). Hence there is at least one event for car aficionados in China each year.

Next event: Spring 2023 at National Center for Exhibition and Convention in Shanghai

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The Consumer Electronics Show occurs annually in Las Vegas. Although not specifically a motor show, there have been several automotive showcases at the event. Notably, the Sony Vision S and Cadillac InnerSpace. The focus is on the latest developments in technology, which include HMI panels, sensors and electrification.

Next event: 5th – 8th Jan 2023 in Las Vegas

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Aside from the motor shows we just named, there are other automotive events for people who look for something more engaging and interactive, one of which is Goodwood FoS (UK). ‘Activations’ or customer engagement stands are scattered throughout the venue. Visitors are able to enjoy the experience crafted by different brands and also learn more information around certain products. (Saying this as UX Connections has provided the UX for these events more than once for Jaguar Land Rover and Ford!)

To learn more about how automotive brands are shaping the customer experience, read this article (Automotive Dealership Experience) of our Worldwide Automotive Series if you haven’t!

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